TeamCity – Superuser access to UI

The Scenario

Some developers use TeamCity. This instance uses the built-in authentication model, i.e. no LDAP authentication.

The Problem

A team of developers forgot the password to login to their TeamCity server UI. No one had a copy of it so all access was denied.

The Solution

TeamCity provides a Superuser account (enabled by default – check if it’s enabled navigate here: http://<teamcity-server-url>/login.html?super=1 )

You need a security token to proceed, you’ll find this in the teamcity-servers.log file in the location <teamcity_install_directory_root\logs. i.e. C:\TeamCity\logs. A new token is generated each day so search for the latest instance of “Super user authentication token”

To login as superuser navigate to your TeamCity login screen (http://<teamcity-server-url>/login.html ) leave the username field blank and enter the security token as the password. Once logged in you will have full administrator privileges.


Disclaimer: provided “AS IS” with no warranties and confer no rights


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