Cannot connect to Hyper-V host via Windows 8 Client and Hyper-V Manager

The Scenario

I have domain Windows 8.1 client with Hyper-V manager installed. There is also a Hyper-V host (Windows Server 2012 R2 with Hyper-V role). The client needs to connect to the Hyper-V host via the Hyper-V Manager. The user logged on to the client is a member of the Hyper-V Administrators group on the host.

The Problem

The connection attempt fails with the following error:


I’ve also had this error:



The Solution

Basically the WMI namespace becomes corrupt, potentially due to updates though I don’t know the cause for sure. Reregistering the MOF fixes the issue:

On the host open an elevated command prompt and run:

MOFCOMP %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\WindowsVirtualization.V2.mof


No reboot is required, the fix is immediate.

Disclaimer: provided “AS IS” with no warranties and confer no rights


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