Partition Assist Standard – “Bootmgr is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart”

The Scenario

I have a PC running Windows 7, it has a 300GB C drive and a 100mb System Reserved partition. I need to increase the size of the 100mb System Reserved Partition to 600mb. I’m going to use Partition Assistant Standard Edition 6.1 to complete the following tasks:

  1. Shrink the C drive by 500mb – this will create a 500mb unallocated blob at the end of the C drive partition.
  2. Move the C drive so the unallocated 500mb is to the right of the System Reserved partition (you can only extend a partition if there is unallocated space directly next to it)
  3. Increase the System Reserved partition to 600mb.


The Problem

I completed steps 1 & 2, applied them and restarted the computer (as is required as I have virtual of moving the OS partition). Upon reboot the computer fails to boot (shifting the C drive has moved the files but the partition table doesn’t yet know this has happened and is still pointing to boot files that no longer exist where it thinks they do) and Partition Assistant does not run to complete the tasks. All I get is the following error instead:

“Bootmgr is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart”

The Solution #1 (You have the Windows OS installation media)

  1. Insert the Windows OS installation media and reboot – you need this to get to the Repair option.
  2. RC0a
  3. The media will start the installation process (you’re not going to proceed with the install). Select the Language and Time/Currency format settings for your current installation. Click Next
  4. RC0b
  5. In the lower left corner click the Repair your computer option
  6. RC0c
  7. The System Recovery Options will launch
  8. RC1
  9. Assuming your OS has been listed click Next to proceed.IMPORTANT Note the Location description, this is important for Step 12 when using the Recovery Command Prompt as you need to switch to the drive that has the OS installed and the drive mappings are temporarily changed whilst in Recovery mode.
  10. In the next System Recovery Options screen select the Command Prompt option
  11. RC2
  12. The Recovery Command Prompt will open at the X drive. Change to the D drive (or whatever drive letter was stated in step 7.
  13. RC4
  14. Type bcdboot d:\windows /s c: and press enter.
  15. RC5
  16. Type exit to close the command prompt and press Restart to reboot.
  17. RC6
  18. At this point I rebooted my PC and Partition Assistant ran it’s pending tasks and rebooted the PC. The OS then loaded normally.

The Solution #2 – if you do not have the Windows OS Installation media

  1. Reboot your computer and press F8 repeatedly until the Advance Boot Options window opens.
  2. RC7
  3. Select the top option Repair Your Computer




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