ADMT Computer Migration Error: “Unable to determine which Domain the machine ‘computer-name’ belongs to”

The Scenario

I am attempting to migrate a computer account from domain “eng.domain1.test” to mynewdomain.test. There is a two-way forest trust between them. The two servers can ping each other using the FQDN.

The Problem

When I run the ADMT Computer migration wizard I search for and find the name of the computer I want to migrate (comp1.eng.domain1.test). However when  clicked next to proceed it returned the error:

“Unable to determine which Domain the machine ‘comp1’ belongs to”

I am blocked from proceeding with the migration.

The Solution

My issue was DNS related. The GPO applied to the ADMT server, which amongst other things defines the DNS suffix list in the advanced TCP-IP properties tab for the ADMT server’s Ethernet properties, did not include the domain eng.domain1.test.

Once I amended the GPO setting (Computer Configuration > Polices > Administrative Templates > Network > DNS Client > DNS Suffix search list) to include eng.domain1.test and this was applied to the server, I rebooted (it didn’t work until I did this) launched ADMT and this time it could determine the domain membership.


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