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AVG 17.5.x firewall blocking Hyper-V VM connections

The Scenario

I have a Windows 10 (v1607) Pro instance with AVG Internet Security 17.5 installed, including the AVG Firewall component.

I have the Hyper-V feature enabled and an Internal Hyper-V vSwitch named “hv-int” which all my VMs use. This vSwitch uses the APIPA range.


The Problem

I cannot locally connect to any of my VMs via the Connect option in Hyper-V Manager, the connection just times out after several attempts. When I disable the AVG Firewall it works fine, but I don’t want to permanently disable my Firewall for obvious reasons.

The Solution

By default all local network connections, including Hyper-V vSwitches are classified as Public. By changing this to the more trusted Private option the local connections are permitted:

Step 1: Open the AVG management console


Step 2:  Click the Internet Security option:



Step 3:  Click the top-right Menu > Settings option – this lists the AVG components installed.


Step 4: Click the left-menu Components option and in the main pane scroll down to the Firewall option. Click Customize.


Step 5: Click the left-menu Network profiles option and in the main pane locate your Hyper-V vSwitch. Change the Profile type from Public to Private. Click OK to confirm the changes and exit out of the AVG console.


Now try launching a local connection to the VM via the Hyper-V Manager, in my case it now worked.


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AVG blocking Hyper-V Internet Connection (IE not responding to connection attempts)

The Scenario

I have a Windows 8.1 Pro client and I’ve just installed a new instance of AVG Internet Security.


On my client I have the Hyper-V feature enabled with several guest VMs running These VMs are connected to the Internet via an external vSwitch which is bound to the hosts main Ethernet NIC.

The Problem

Since installing AVG my guest VMs can no longer connect to any webpage


Running the diagnostics returns the error “website is online but isn’t responding to connection attempts”


The Solution

In the AVG advanced firewall settings there is an option to allow all traffic from/to virtual machines, this must be enabled.

Open the AVG console and select the Firewall component


Open the Firewall settings (click the cog)


Select the Advanced settings option


Open the Expert mode


Navigate to the Advanced Settings and check the box next to “Allow any traffic from/to virtual machines supported by the firewall. Click Apply and OK to complete the reconfiguration.


The guest VM is now able to connect to the Internet.


Disclaimer: provided “AS IS” with no warranties and confer no rights