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Create Shared Mailbox (Exchange 2007/10)


Certain groups can require access to a shared Exchange mailbox that they can use to send emails from, view all incoming emails and emails that have been sent. Exchange 2007/2010 and Outlook 2013 provide functionality to create a secured shared mailbox, one which leaves the mailbox user disabled in Active Directory for security purposes. This is opposed to creating a standard user with a mailbox, which then requires a username and password and be left enabled. The document will describe how to create the shared mailbox and also how to configure its Sent Items folder to capture emails sent by users using the “send as” functionality (by default these are logged in the user’s own Sent Items folder)

Create Shared Mailbox

In Exchange 2007/2010 there is no GUI option for creating shared mailboxes, the Exchange Management Shell (EMS) must be used.

Open Exchange Management Shell > New-Mailbox -Name <Maibox Name> -Alias <Alias> -OrganizationalUnit “<OU path>” -Database “<Database>” -UserPrincipalName <E-mail Address> -Shared

Example (Create shared mailbox for the company Charity Club)

New-Mailbox -Name:’Charityclub’ -OrganizationalUnit:’ Lists’ -Database:’DomA DB 3′ -UserPrincipalName:’’ -Shared

Set Permissions

Once created Full Access and Send As permissions must be added for those users wanting to access the Mailbox and send emails as that user respectively.

Example (Give Charlie Charles full access and send-as permissions

Open the Exchange Management Shell and type:

get-mailbox -identity “Charityclub” | Add-MailboxPermission -user “Charlie Charles” -accessrights ‘FullAccess’

get-mailbox -identity “Charityclub” | Add-ADPermission Info -User “Charlie Charles” -ExtendedRights Send-As

NB This can also be done by right clicking on the mailbox in the EMC and select Manage Send As permission and Full Access permission

Allow Send As Sent Items to be Saved to the Shared Mailbox Sent Items Folder

A change to the registry of the computer of each user that has Send As permissions is required so that emails sent as the shared mailbox user are stored in the Sent Items folder of the Shared mailbox not the local user.

Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Outlook\Preferences then create a new DWORD value called DelegateSentItemsStyle setting the value to 1. A restart of Outlook is required for this changed to be applied.

This can also be issued via a group policy preference.

Change Existing Standard Mailboxes to Shared

For existing mailboxes these can be changed to the type “Shared” > set-mailbox SportsandSocial -Type Shared


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