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Wifi Security key is incorrect (when it’s not!) – Windows 10 & KB4053579

The Scenario

My Windows 10 Professional (build 1607) has recently installed two updates; KB4049411 and KB4053579

The Problem

After these two updates were installed and the computer rebooted I could not get my computer to connect to my wifi, it kept failing with the error “The security key is incorrect”.

I knew the key was correct because I was able to access my router from another laptop and confirm the password I was entering was correct. I even tried using the WPS auto-configuration but that didn’t work either.

The Solution

I decided to uninstall both those updates as that was the only change my , starting with KB4053579. After uninstalling this one, and without a reboot, I tried connecting to my wifi, this time it worked without any issue. I didn’t uninstall KB4049411.

I don’t usually like uninstalling updates given they’re meant to secure my device or make it more stable, nor would I normally advocate anyone else doing the same but I really didn’t have a choice here. Please consider the security implications before doing so yourself. I will attempt to reinstall it in a few days once I get my work finished and will post an update here afterwards to let you know the outcome.


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